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Property rights

Property rights

Best FX Tools respects the intellectual property rights of others. Content on website is generated by users User - Generated Content and is often instantly accessible to the public. Best FX Tools does not check user uploaded content for violations of intellectual property or other rights. However, our Terms of Service strictly prohibit users from posting content that violates another party rights. When we receive a notice of violation, we promptly remove the offending content. Repeat offenders may have their account terminated.

Reporting Copyright or Trademark Infringement

If you believe any user generated content on our site has violated your copyright or other rights, please follow the procedure below to report the offending content.

In order for us to promptly remove the offending content, you should include the following in your report:
-Name and email
-Document of your copyright

-Identification content and what rights are being violated

User Appeal

If the content you generate on our site is removed for copyright infringement, you have the right to appeal. Please contact us at with a valid reason of appeal containing all proof.

Please send your notice electronically to